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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children and colic

Children with colic usually bring home and nervousness concern to parents. It is important to be calm to convey to the child that peace you need to resolve the crisis . Here are some tips for parents.

Colic is very common in babies and very young children . It is a very common ailment in childhood inexperienced parents worries and nervousness due to suffering baby . The attitude of parents is crucial to help the child to pass these annoying moments .

What do parents do if your child has colic ?

Each child works differently and lives in his own way that process. Parents we'll realizing what can we do to improve this state , and what things can be useful in the face of the child's welfare .

After observing the child and see what things make you feel more comfortable and safe, here are some tricks you can try at home :

    Give warmth and contact: many children feel more comfortable clothed , wrapped in blanket, while in the arms of the parents ...
    Convey confidence: with songs or lullabies , rocking in his crib children , keeping them company , using the pacifier ...
    Position : It is recommended that the child is upright to help the intestinal transit . We pick him up or use baby carriers .
    Heat and Massage : use warm towels child 's tummy , or give back rubs help expel gas .
    Infusions and medicine : doctor's office under can use any medicines or teas that help children expel gas .
    Bathrooms: the warm baths usually calm and soothe the child.

It is important for both parents to be aware of the behavior and the child craves these days , as they require some time and dedication.